These are just a few of the many computer information sites available on the Web.  We've picked out a some of our favorites to share with you.

CNET: The Computer Network
- The source for computing and technology.  Articles, columns, software downloads and discussion areas focusing on the Net and personal computing.

Encrypt all of your Internet Traffic
- Bill Hess at Pixel Privacy has created an excellent guide on to encrypting all your internet traffic.

KnowBe4 - KnowBe4 is a business that specializes in security awareness. In addition to many formal training options, they have a lot of free tools for testing your security and informative resources. One very helpful resource is the Social Engineering information sheet that outlines red flags to identify social engineering email.
- This website has a lot of useful information including how to tips, best of comparisons, help items and much more.

OS News - OS News is one sweet site.   They post a ton of news items, bits of wisdom, and everything else you need to keep you informed about the current OS environments. You can post your own newsworthy stuff and check out the forums while you're visiting.

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Web Master(ing)

Interserver -
Need to set up a website, have email and excellent service at a low cost?  Check out Interserver.    It is the host for the UCHUG website and has proven to be very reliable and easy to set up and use.

Bravenet Lots of Web tools for Web masters. - Whatever your inspiration, they'll help you build a website to express it.

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Misc. Computing

Default Device Usernames and Passwords - Need to look up the default password and username for a device?  Then you need to take a look at

Excel Blog
- Follow this Blog to learn how to do some very advanced Excel features that will give your spreadsheets that WOW factor.  Each topic is thoroughly explained, in an easy-to-understand manner. All content is free and up to date. So even though you're not an "Excel-nerd" (like us), you'll learn to do some pretty amazing things. Blog - Every month 50000+ Excel enthusiasts come to to sharpen their skills. This blog is fully loaded with tips and tricks, Excel Functions, Formulas, Excel Charts and VBA. You can learn from 200+ tutorials with relevant example files.

Excel Tutorial - Learn how to use Excel with this fully illustrated Excel tutorial (including VBA programming) + 300 examples. This website would be a great place to get up to speed with Excel.

ZDNet - Part of the Ziff-Davis family of technology based media.  Access to all their publications such as PC Magazine, plus great downloads, articles, news and information.

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Computing Aids -
This web site has an excellent list of services you can tweak to help speed up Windows,  Lists cover Windows 2000 through Windows 10.  The list has links to explanations of what each service does.

Flaming Text allows you to create all kinds of quality graphics for web pages and other uses. It's free, fast and easy to use. In just seconds you can create headings, buttons, arrows and much more, just like the pros!

FormSwift - Create, edit, sign  and collaborate documents and forms without downloading software.  Note, after 7 day trial period a monthly, yearly or per document charged is required (see FAQ at

PC Pitstop - PC Pitstop runs diagnostics on your PC to identify things that might help improve performance.   Best of all, the service is free!

ZAMZAR - Easily convert between graphics or document formats without the need to download software for free.

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Game Sites

Big Fish Games - One of the best sites to find good, low cost games.

Gamespot - Games for all platforms, with reviews, previews, etc. - affiliated with ZDNet.

Hotgames -
Games for the PC, Mac, Playstation, PS2, Dreamcast, Nintendo, Gameboy, plus reviews, and previews.

One Across - I'm a big fan of crosswords and this is a great site to find those hard-to-find words.  All you need is clue words or if you're not sure put in a ?.

Video Game Revolution - For either the avid gamer or if you just want to find out about games this site is the destination for you.  It is a companion to the PBS show "The Video Game Revolution".

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