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Our Webmaster has been gathering a collection of Windows and hardware fix it guides.  Some guides are for ease of use and others are to correct problems.
3 Ways to Fix: Install Failed During First_Boot Sysprep Operation

7 Ways to Repair or 'Factory Reset' Windows 10

Ask Leo! - Backing Up A Machine That Won't Boot

Ask Leo! #726 - Back Up Your Email Using Thunderbird

Ask Leo! #736 - Can I Copy Windows 10 System Files to Another Drive?

Ask Leo! #858? - Can Browser Extensions See My Bank Account?

Ask Leo! Can I Just Unplug My Computer to Shut It Down?

Ask Leo! - #882 - Do Random Words Make Better Passwords?

Ask Leo #855 - Facebook Privacy Settings 2021

Ask Leo  #810 - Five Steps to Repair Windows 10 Without Losing Programs

Ask Leo! #775 - How Do I Choose a Good Password?

Ask Leo! #861 - How Do I Contact Customer Service?

Ask Leo! How Do I Determine a Shortlink Destination?

Ask Leo! #769 - How Do I Fix Windows Update?

Ask Leo! #859 - How Do I Make Sure I Don't Have Malware?

Ask Leo! #901 - How Do I Prevent a Repeat of Ransomware?

Ask Leo! - How Do I Use an Open Wi-Fi Hotspot Safely?

Ask Leo! - How Do I Search a Site That Has No Search Box?

Ask Leo! - #892 - How Hackers Use Malicious Attachments to Give You Malware

Ask Leo! #863 - How Long Will My SSD Last?

Ask Leo! - How to Get Rid of Spam Emails

Ask Leo! #771 - How to Protect Your Cloud Storage and Backups from Ransomware

Ask Leo! #723 - How Do I Recover My Facebook Password?

Ask Leo! #724 - How Do I Send an Email that Can't Be Traced Back to Me?

Ask Leo! - How Do I Uninstall and Reinstall Internet Explorer in Windows 10?

Ask Leo! #869 - How I Fixed a Failed Windows 10 Update

Ask Leo! - Macruim Reflect Free is Going Away

Ask Leo! My External HDD Shows Not Formatted — But It Has All My Data!

AskLeo! - My Keyboard Won’t Work after Windows Update, How Do I Fix It?

Ask Leo! - No Signal: What it Means and What to Check

Ask Leo! #866 - Should I Just Hire a Hacker to Recover My Account?

Ask Leo!#867 - Someone Has My IP Address - Should I Be Scared?

Ask Leo! - What browser should I use in 2022?

Ask Leo! #860 - What Do I Do About Websites Bugging Me About Notifications?

Ask Leo! What Should I do if I Accidentally Click on a Phishing Link?

Ask Leo! - What You Need To Do About the Lastpass Hack?

Ask Leo! #893 - Why "Always Keep on this Device" Doesn't

Ask ZDNet - What's the safest way to permanently erase your laptop's drive?

Ask ZDNet - Hate Windows 11? Make it more like Windows 10

Get to know Microsoft Edge

Getting started with Windows 10

Fix Windows Updates fail to install in Windows 7/8/10

How Do I Delete Files From OneDrive, but Not My Computer? by Ask Leo

How Do I Tell If a Source is Reputable? by Ask Leo

Ask Leo! - #864 - How Should I Back Up My Email?

How to: Reset Any Password: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

How to Back Up and Restore an Image File of Windows 10

How to Cancel Windows 10 Reservation (Properly)

How to Disable Windows 10 Email Login

How to Fix Corrupt Outlook .PST File Using Repair Tool

How to: Reset Any Password: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11

How to Setup File History in Windows 10 & 11

How to: Use a Firewall to Block Full Screen Ads on Android

How to Fix: IAStorDataMgrSvc High CPU Usage

How to Force Internet Explorer 11 as Default in Windows 10

How to enable 'Hey, Cortana' on Windows 10

How to Fix: 'Access Denied' Folder on Mounted VMWare Virtual Disk

How to Fix: Acronis 2016 Won't Validate Backups, Show Progress

How to Fix: Activation Key Damaged (Scam)

How to Fix: 'AMD Quick Stream Error: The license information to use this software is not found'

How to Fix: Another Installation is in Progress Error

How to Fix: 'Avast cannot be installed (directory not empty)' Error

How to Fix: BAD_POOL_CALLER Blue Screen of Death

How to Fix: Boot Windows 10 using Basic Display Adapter Driver

How to Fix: Can't Access Mapped Network Drive via Administrative Command Prompt

How to Fix: Can't Boot from DVD or USB; Can't Install Windows

How to Fix: Can't Click Links in Outlook: 'Operation cancelled due to restrictions' Error

How to Fix: Can't Convert Image to VHD: 'The vhd file could not be created or written to'

How to Fix: Can't Delete Restore Points (C Drive Full)

How to Fix: Can't Move Folder, Same Location (Windows 10)

How to Fix: Can't Uninstall or Update Avast (Win10)

How to Fix: Can't Uninstall Winzip (Manual Removal, Automated)

How to Fix: Change Edge New Tab Page to Google

How to Fix: Change Network from Public to Private in Windows 10

How to Fix: Chrome Installation Failed 0x80070002 Error

How to Fix: Combine PST Files - Free (Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016)

How to Fix: Computer Name Won't Resolve on Network (April Update)

How to Fix: Constant Spinning Cursor (Circle) in Windows

How to Fix: Constant Spinning Circle (Mouse Pointer) Asus Laptop

How to Fix: CPU Not Compatible with Windows 10 Error

How to Fix: Delete, Stop Google Calendar Spam

How to Fix: Disable Facebook Notifications in Windows 7, 8, and 10

How to Fix: Disable Firefox Top Sites

How to Fix: Disable Google Drive / Backup and Sync Popups when Inserting USB, DVD, or Smartphone

How to Fix: Disable 'Microsoft Recommends Installing this App' Request

How to Fix: Disable 'Unsupported Hardware' Error when attempting to Download Windows Updates

How to Fix: Disable Windows 10 Email Notifications

How to Fix: 'Error 1317: Setup Cannot Create Directory' when Installing a Program

How to Fix: Excel Stdole32.tlb Error (The Easy Way)

How to Fix: FileZilla Server 'Failed to Retrieve Directory Listing

How to Fix: Firefox Links Suddenly Open in New Window, Profile

How to Fix: Firefox 'This connection is untrusted' (appears Randomly)

How to Fix: Force Screen Refresh Rate Windows 10

How to Fix: Fix 'I/O Device Error' (Hard Drive, SD Card, etc)

How to Fix: Gracefully Close Thunderbird using Batch Script

How to Fix: Hide User Accounts on Windows 7, 8, 10 Login Screen

How to Fix: HP Laserjet 1200 Won't Recognize in Windows 10

How to Fix (Permanently): Hundreds of Cab_XXX Files in C:\Windows\Temp

How to Fix: Install Software in Safe Mode (Windows 10)

How to Fix: Internet Explorer 11 Won't Search from Address Bar

How to Fix: MEDIA_ERR_UNKNOWN Chrome, Firefox, Etc

How to Fix: Move System Partition to C

How to Fix: Recycle Bin Won't Empty (Won't Delete Files)

How to Fix: Remove JSCoinMiner Browser Malware (Step By Step)

How to Fix: KB4056892, KB4058258 Won't Install; Other Updates Stuck

How to Fix: Kodi Password Protect Folder / Content

How to Fix: Laptop Won't Turn On - The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide (published 20170224)

How to Fix: Laptop Plugged in, Not Charging (New Laptop)

How to Fix: 'logilda.dll not found' Error When Booting Windows

How to Fix: Make Windows 10 Stop Flashing on Sound

How to Fix: Malwarebytes MBAMService.exe High CPU Usage

How to Fix: Minimize Thunderbird to Tray Bar (Not Task Bar)

How to Fix: MS Office Key Not Valid, Won't Activate

How to Fix: No Sound - High Definition Audio Driver (Code 10)

How to Fix: Open Shell Search Not Working (Classic Shell)

How to Fix: OpenVPN Remote Desktop Not Working

How to Fix: OpenVPN Won't Resolve After April Update

How to Fix: 'Open With' is Not Working

How to Fix: Outlook Cannot Send or Receive Emails

How to Fix: Permanently Disable WiFi on Windows 10

How to Fix: Properly Prep, then Force Install Windows 10 Anniversary Update

How to Fix: Remote Access to Work Computer (Secure)

How to Fix: Remove Smart System Care Malware (Scam)

How to Fix: Remove Update_Windows.exe / Update.exe Virus (100% CPU Usage)

How to Fix: Right Click Desktop Not Working (Spinning Circle)

How to Fix: ScreenConnect Will Not Install 'Package Installation' Error

How to Fix: Send Encrypted Email to Gmail (Postfix, TLS, SSL Certificates)

How to Fix: Snap-in 'Pop up' Appears while Dragging Window (Dell, MSI)

How to Fix: Spinning Blue Circle in Windows 10

How to Fix: The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error

How to Fix: "There is a problem with this website's security certificate" Error in IE, Edge

How to Fix: 'This site can't be reached. The connection was reset.' Error

How to Fix: The Version of SQL Server Does Not Match Update

How to Fix: Touchpad Scroll Not Working in Windows 7, 8 and 10

How to Fix: Trojan Keeps Coming Back, Won't Remove

How to Fix: Uninstall OneDrive Permanently (Win10 Home, Pro)

How to Fix: USB 'Safely remove hardware' icon missing

How to Fix: VPN Disconnect While Torrenting (Exposes IP)

How to Fix: WD My Book Read Only (Remove Write Protect)

How to Fix: 'We couldn't update the system reserved partition' Error (published 9/25/15)

How to Fix: Windows 10 Antivirus Missing, Not Compatible

How to Fix: Windows 10 Black Border (Shrinking Screen)

How to Fix: Windows 10 Black Screen Before Login

How to Fix: Windows 10 Clock Missing

How to Fix: Windows 10 Disable Password Expiration

How to Fix: Windows 10 Desktop Icons Missing

How to Fix: Windows 10 Display Not Compatible when Upgrading

How to Fix: Windows 10 Display Shifted; Screen Fuzzy

How to Fix: Windows 10 Laptop Screen Fades (too dark)

How to Fix: Windows 10 Sound Not Working

How to Fix: Windows 10 Start Menu Not Working

How to Fix: Windows Cannot be Installed: the Selected Disk is GPT / MBR

How to Fix: Windows Mail: 'Your Outlook account settings are out of date' Error

How to Fix: Windows Photo Viewer Missing after Creators Edition Update

How to Fix: 'Windows Setup has Failed to Validate the Product Key' Error

How to Fix: Windows Stuck in a Reboot Loop (Windows 8 and 10)

How to Fix: Windows Upgrade Assistant Stuck at 99%

How to Fix: Windows 10 Upgrade Failed Error 80240020

How to Fix: Windows 10 Webcam Not Working

How to Fix: Your Device is Having Trouble Recognizing You (Windows 10 Fingerprint)

How to Fix: Your Computer is Infected, Call This Number (Scam)

How to prepare for an upgrade from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10, 12 minutes from 6/1/15

How to Prevent Ransomware in 2018 - 10 Steps

How to print a directory list in Windows

How to Remove Windows.old and $Windows.BT Folders in Windows 10

How to Reserve Windows 10 Upgrade (Free)

How to resize space in the system reserved partition when error “Not enough space in System Reserve” stops Windows 10 installation

How to roll back Windows 10 to Windows 7/8, 4 minutes from 6/6/15

How to turn your Windows 10 upgrade files into an ISO disk image

How to: Use a Firewall to Block Full Screen Ads on Android

How to Use Roboform (Step by Step)

Widows File Explorer Tips and Shortcuts

Windows 10 demo, 33 minutes from 5/5/15

Windows 10 Upgrade: Can I choose 32-bit or 64-bit?

Windows 10 Upgrade: Can I keep my Old Windows Install?

Window 10 Upgrade Now Works with Windows 7, 8 Keys

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