ClearURLs -  for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge will automatically remove tracking elements from URLs
FreePDF - lets you create, edit, view, print, encrypt and annotate PDF files
Crater - a free and Open Source app that provides users with a suite of tools to manage their invoices
LetsView - a free multiplatform desktop screen mirroring app
SoftMaker FreeOffice - a complete office suite


ClearURLs for Chrome, Firefox, Edge [Size Varies] Win 7 - 11/Linux/macOS   Open Source


ClearURLs for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge will automatically remove tracking elements from URLs.


This extension is designed to help protect your privacy when browsing the Internet by automatically removing various URL tracking elements and assisting in speeding up load time.


ClearURLs provides you with over 250 rules instead of some of the other similar products on the market that, on average, offer under 15. This fact makes ClearURLs a more comprehensive privacy tool.


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FreePDF [219 MB] Win 7 - Win 11   Freeware


FreePDF lets you create, edit, view, print, encrypt and annotate PDF files.


FreePDF lets you view and annotate PDF files and comes with an optional built-in printer driver. You can also securely encrypt your PDF files.


In addition, you can:

Rearrange the order of the pages in a PDF file, insert pages from other PDFs or remove pages.

Insert pictures and drawings into your PDF and position them as desired.

Customize the layout of PDF files by rearranging, moving, and removing text and pictures.

and much more.


FreePDF offers all the features of that expensive brand - for free. It looks and runs like a professional shareware app.


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LetsView [1.9 MB] Win 7 - Win 11/Android   Freeware


LetsView is a free multiplatform desktop screen mirroring app.


LetsView allows you to display your phone screen on a computer/TV or vice versa wirelessly. LetsView enables you to get rid of the limitations of systems, networks, and distance, so you can easily share content.


Without cable constraints, LetsView allows you to share screens anywhere as long as your devices are within the same Wi-Fi network. It supports a variety of mirroring protocols such as AirPlay and Miracast.


The LetsView Android app has a built-in whiteboard, which can annotate and make presentations. You can use the whiteboard on your Android device or mirror the Android screen to other devices and share Android screen contents for further communication and collaboration.


LetsView Features:


  • Whiteboard

Using the whiteboard feature to mark up improves the efficiency of teaching and making presentations

  • Recording

The recording feature allows you to record the crucial moments during your presentation. If you are a live streamer, you can share the videos with your fans

  • Screenshot

The screenshot function helps you record moments with one click. Then, you can easily share them with others

  • PowerPoint Control

This feature allows you to use the mobile phone as a remote control to make presentations effortlessly

  • Scan to Connect

LetsView will enable you to wireless display your phone on PC as soon as you scan the QR code

  • PIN Code

PIN code connection allows you to connect to multiple devices quickly


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SoftMaker FreeOffice [124 MB] Win 7 - Win 11/Linux/macOS


SoftMaker FreeOffice is a complete office suite with a word processor, a spreadsheet application, and a presentation graphics program.


This suite contains the FreeOffice TextMaker, which is a Word-compatible word processor that lets you create crisp, professional layouts easily, the Excel-compatible FreeOffice PlanMaker that enables you to crunch the numbers and present the results in breathtaking charts and FreeOffice Presentations that provides you with PowerPoint-compatible presentation graphics software that makes creating stunning presentations a snap. It also has EPUB export and improved PDF export capabilities.


SoftMaker FreeOffice is not only for the desktop, but it is also compatible with touchscreens and 4K monitors making it an excellent tool for multi-purpose use.


Note: A free serial number must be sent to you via email.

Author website:


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Crater [34.4 MB] Win 7 - Win 11/Android/macOS   Open Source


Crater is a free and Open Source app that provides users with a suite of tools to manage their invoices. Users may create and send professional invoices to their clients.



Invoices: Create and manage professional invoices.

Estimates: You can create and send estimates to clients.

Track Payment: Users can keep a detailed history of their payments.

Expenses: You can keep track of your spending with our easy-to-use expense tracker.

Reports: You can get detailed reports regarding sales, taxes, expenses, etc.

Taxes: You can input various tax types such as VAT, GST, etc., as simple or compound tax.


You can try out a demo at

Author site


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