Betterbird - an enhanced version of Thunderbird
HP Print and Scan Doctor - provides fixes for several typical HP printer/scanner issues
KillFiles - delete files locked by the system
LilyPond - a text-based music score engraver
View Image for Chrome and Firefox - a simple Open Source extension to add the "Search or view by Image" buttons back

Betterbird [53-76 MB] Win 7-11/Linux/macOS


Betterbird is an enhanced version of Thunderbird with new features and bug fixes not available in Mozilla Thunderbird.


Betterbird looks and feels like Thunderbird, but it's easy to spot the new features available. Many of these features have been requested for over a decade, and some have been attempted and failed. Examples include:


Multi-line view like in Outlook, Lotus Notes, and Postbox

Customise the header pane buttons

Complex search terms

Quick Filter untagged messages

Permanently decrypt messages

Global search in encrypted messages

Quick Filter search in encrypted messages

Notification of new messages in newsgroups

Configurable display of addresses in the message list

And more


Betterbird can be installed alongside Thunderbird to try it out.

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June 2023
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HP Print and Scan Doctor [12 MB] Win 7-11   Freeware


HP Print and Scan Doctor provides you with a fix for several typical HP printer/scanner issues and more.


HP Print and Scan Doctor are designed to be intuitive, allowing anyone to troubleshoot print or scan issues with relative ease. You can even troubleshoot connectivity errors right from the interface. After downloading and having HP Print and Scan Doctor open, click Start and choose your printer. Turn your printer/scanner on and click Retry if your printer is not listed. If there is a connection problem, follow the instructions in the tool.


Depending on the problem, click either Fix Printing or Fix Scanning and follow the instructions HP Print and Scan Doctor provides.


HP Print and Scan Doctor can help with the following printer issues:

  • Printer offline
  • Print job stuck in the queue
  • Can not print or other printing problems


Scanner Issues:

  • An error occurred communicating with the scanning device
  • An error occurred while communicating with the HP imaging device
  • Computer not found
  • No Computer Detected
  • Scan to computer is currently unavailable
  • Scan to computer no longer activated
  • Scan Unsuccessful
  • Scanner not found
  • Scanner Unreachable
  • The scanner could not be initialized


Test results are displayed with icons:

  • A checkmark means your printer passed.
  • A wrench means a problem was found and fixed.
  • An exclamation mark means a test failed and was skipped.
  • An X indicates the printer has a problem. Follow the instructions to fix it.


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View Image for Chrome and Firefox [Size Varies] Win 7-11/Linux/macOS   Open Source


View Image for Chrome and Firefox is a simple Open Source extension to add the "Search by Image" and "View Image" buttons back to the Google images results page.


View Image for Chrome and Firefox effectively inserts the old View Image button right to the same location it was before Google removed it. Nothing complex here, just a simple extension to bring back the View Image option.


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KillFiles [3 MB] Win 7-11   Freeware


There are times when you need to delete a file, and for many different reasons, your system will not allow you to do so. Enter KillFiles; this tiny little app forces the deletion of files. Multiple things can prevent a file from being deleted, such as malware or a failing uninstallation attempt. With KillFiles, the process is simple but powerful, ridding your machine of the target file or files upon reboot.


Since KillFiles is portable, it makes it perfect for keeping on a USB stick for deploying no matter where you are.


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LilyPond [Size Varies] Win 7-11/Linux/macOS   Freeware Plublic Domain


LilyPond is a text-based music engraver; it is more similar to a programming language than a graphical score editing program.


LilyPond came about when two musicians wanted to go beyond the soulless look of computer-printed sheet music. Players prefer reading beautiful music, so why couldn't programmers write software to produce elegantly printed parts?


The result is a program that creates beautiful sheet music following the best traditions of classical music engraving. It takes care of the details of layout programmatically, allowing composers, transcribers, and publishers to focus on the music instead of improving their software's default output. Performers will get parts that let them concentrate on playing music instead of reading it.

Developers Site


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