Directions - Take Interstate 5 to Garnet Avenue and go West.  Go .6 mile and turn right onto Soledad Mountain Road (heading North).  Go .2 mile and turn right on Loring Street to Wesley Palms, 2404 Loring Street, San Diego.

Enter the main building lobby to the left of center. Stop by the reception desk to sign in and obtain a Guest badge. Then, go down the hall past the reception desk, to the right to the central area and down the left hand hall by the elevators. The Activity Room is on the left side almost to the end of the hall.

Note: Limited parking is available in front of the main building. Additional parking may be found on Loring Street. Carpool to the meeting if possible.
The group meets to discuss hardware and software problems, answer questions and attend demonstrations on the first Wednesday of each month in the Wesley Palms Activity Room, 2404 Loring Street, San Diego, from 7:00 until 9:00 p.m.

Meetings are open to the public free of charge. For membership information see the Membership Info listed below or contact the membership chairman at Membership @ Members receive a copy of the group's monthly publication, Drive Light, 30 days prior to it being being posted on the web site, a free email address (if requested) and members-only raffle tickets for prizes at the annual Holiday Cheer potluck, auction and raffle.
Under the Computer Hood Users Group (UCHUG) is a non profit technology and computer group. UCHUG membership consists of first-time tech users through tech consultants. This diverse audience allows users of all experience levels to feel comfortable with exchanging ideas and obtaining help for problem resolution.
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Membership Info
You are invited to attend the meetings at no cost.  If you should decide to become a member the dues are $15.00 per year. Membership entitles you access to the monthly newsletter “Drive Light” 30 days prior to it being posted on the web site, a free email address and members-only raffle tickets for prizes at our annual Holiday Cheer potluck, auction and raffle. 

Please make checks payable to UCHUG.  Checks may be brought to the meeting, or mailed to:

UCHUG Treasurer
4027 S. Hempstead Circle
San Diego, CA 92116

If you have questions concerning your membership, renewal date, address info or other questions, please contact the membership board member at the meeting or by email at membership @
August 1st - Converting Your Film to Digital and What are the Average User's Tech Interests?

Do you have old film slides and negatives that you would like to preserve and use with your modern digital devices, tools and social media sites?  Wolverine Data makes a line of film scanners for various formats.  We will demonstrate how their film scanner can quickly and easily turn your film into digital files, without installing software or even connecting a computer.

We will, through surveys and discussion, find out what tech topics are on the minds of our users today, with the aim to provide better information, more interesting presentations and  more useful assistance.

September 5th
-  First will be a TBD presentation. At 8 PM Joe Kissell of Take Control Books will present “Your Digital Legacy”.\

October 3rd - TBD
Highlights from Previous Meetings
Upcoming Meetings
7/11/18 - The group had a demonstration on using Teamviewer on a Chrome Book for remote access. It was followed by a Speakers Bureau video on a Guide to Synchronizing your PC.

- The group held its annual picnic meeting at Crown Point in Mission Bay. The user group provided pizza, soft drinks and paper goods. The members and guests provided other picnic related food treats and lively conversation.

- The group discussed and viewed videos on the advances in robotics. This was followed by viewing some of the boards favorite and informational online videos.

- The group viewed an APCUG VTC about various ways to get better Google search results quicker. There were also discussions what you can do with an action camera and a brief rundown of the best apps Google offers for Android.

- If it's Connected, it needs to be Protected! - Presenter Bob Gostischa explained the current dangers during use of computing devices that face us every day. He’ll also share what he uses to keep his computers, smart devices and other connected things that are a part of the IoT secure.

- UCHUG hosted a discussion on the practical use of VPN’s, how to use passwords and things to try if your PC will not boot up.

- We viewed the  APCUG video presentation "Internet Camouflage Using VPN" which informed us about the best way to help make your data unreadable and untraceable by implementing VPN (virtual private network).  We also had a demonstration of the new Linux distro Solus Budgie.

Annual Holiday Cheer raffle and pot luck.  The club provided hardware items and gift cards for drawings as well as drinks and paper goods.  Members donated gently used hardware and software items to raffle as well as provided their favorite holiday food items for the pot luck. A lot of fun and lively conversation.

  - Greg Skalka gave a Preview of his future APCUG Tech Brief on "What’s New on Voice Activated Assistants using such devices as the Amazon Echo". Ray Ferbrache gave a quick rundown on Two-Factor Authentication for LastPass from and article in the Ask Leo NewsLetter.

- October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. We had discussions of several aspects of security and your computer, home and devices.  The discussions ranged from home security cameras, to a secure Linux operating system installation, and a general review of passwords, to group discussions from the collective wisdom of our members.

- Continuing with Mobile Devices and home automation, we featured the Samsung Galaxie S8 smart phone, and discussed WIFI controlled Home and Business Thermostats.

- The group had a presentation on what a Wi-Fi Mesh network is, how it is different from Wi-Fi range extenders and the presenter's experience setting up one up.  We also had a APCUG video presentation and discussion on how Home Automation technology can allow control of your connected devices and appliances from a central hub using your smartphone or tablet.  The presentation will explained how to set up a system using widely available Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Samsung Smarthings hubs.

- The group watched a APCUG video presentation on Crypto Viruses showing you what encrypted files look like, what messages you get when they are finished encrypting everything, what data is vulnerable and how to protect yourself.
ur group's editor will demonstrated how a Chromebook can be wiped.  And our our group's president revealed what he has learned in setting up and using his first smartphone for the first month.

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