About Us
Under the Computer Hood Users Group (UCHUG) is a non profit technology and computer group. UCHUG membership consists of first-time tech users through tech consultants. This diverse audience allows users of all experience levels to feel comfortable with exchanging ideas and obtaining help for problem resolution.
Until stay at home orders for COVID-19 are lifted upcoming meetings start at 7 PM (Pacific Time) via Zoom online meetings. UCHUG members please watch your email for meeting invitations and ID numbers. If you are not a member and wish to attend, please send a request via email to info@uchug.org.  Please include your name and any user group you belong to.  Please make sure your Zoom name matches the name you send us in the request, as these will be matched to admit you into the meeting from the Zoom waiting room.  Please send email requests at least two hours before the meeting start time to insure a response.  Meetings may resume at Wesley Palms after restrictions are lifted.

Directions - Take Interstate 5 to Garnet Avenue and go West.  Go .6 mile and turn right onto Soledad Mountain Road (heading North).  Go .2 mile and turn right on Loring Street to Wesley Palms, 2404 Loring Street, San Diego.

Enter the main building lobby to the left of center. Stop by the reception desk to sign in and obtain a Guest badge. Then, go down the hall past the reception desk, to the right to the central area and down the left hand hall by the elevators. The Activity Room is on the left side almost to the
end of the hall.

Note: Limited parking is available in front of the main building. Additional parking may be found on Loring Street. Carpool to the meeting if possible.

Membership Info
You are invited to attend the meetings at no cost.  If you should decide to become a member the dues are $15.00 per year. Membership entitles you access to the monthly newsletter “Drive Light” 30 days prior to it being posted on the web site, a free email address and members-only raffle tickets for prizes at our annual Holiday Cheer potluck, auction and raffle. 

Please make checks payable to UCHUG.  Checks may be brought to the meeting, or mailed to:

UCHUG Treasurer
4027 S. Hempstead Circle
San Diego, CA 92116

If you have questions concerning your membership, renewal date, address info or other questions, please contact the membership board member at the meeting or by email at membership @ uchug.org
Upcoming Meetings
9/1/21 - The group had discussions on Smishing, a Short Message Service (SMS) or text-based phishing scam that uses misleading text messages to deceive victims and shortened URLs htat make shorter but more dangerous to use links and how to use them safely. This was followed by a video by APCUG Speakers Bureau presenter Ron Brown who will explain how hackers can get into your user accounts and how 2FA can help prevent them.

- The group watched some short Tech Videos. Theis was followed by a presentation by our Editor on how to use the Open Source graphics editor , GIMP, to edit a picture to place a person into a group photo.

- The UCHUG group held its annual Picnic at Crown Point Park meeting. Pizza, drinks, cake, ice cream and paper goods were supplied by the group. Attendees also brought chips and other picnic goodies. Everyone enjjoyed the first face to face meeting we have held in over a year. Pictures are posted on the Group Activities page.

- The UCHUG President gsve an informative and unusual presentation on a better mousetrap. the presentation covered tha old faithful spring traps to the new high-tech electronic traps that provide quick kills, no-touch disposal and can be monitored anywhere on your mobile device.This was followed with a discussion on adding toold to the Microsoft System Configuration (msconfig) tool is used to change configuration settings in Windows; and a review of Tom's Guide, a tech product review site.

- Bill James, APCUG Speakers Bureau, took us on a trip through Windows File Explorer. He pointed out many things that will help make
File Explorer much easier to work with.

- Our board has been searching the web for interesting and informative tech videos. Members selected video topics that included free VPN, home theater audio, holograms and Bitwarden (password manager).

- Is Cyber Security Really Important? The group participated in a presentation by Bob Gostischa from Avast. Bob pointed out the dangers posed by working from home, children doing remote learning and the many IoT devices we now have. Bob offerd suggestions that will aid in keeping you secure.

- We are all getting older - what should we be doing?  Our group held a panel discussion on things we can be doing to help ourselves, our parents and our children as we all get older.  From elder care to estate planning, there are many things to consider sooner rather than later.

We will continue with some recommended videos on topics of interest to the group.  Possible subjects include Google's tracking capabilities, screen capture, debloating Windows 10 and more

- During the December Cheer meeting we ran out of time to watch some informative videos. So we will reheated and served them. Members shared any items of interest they received for X-Mas. We follow up with Random Access where members can asked questions and shared information.

- Our December general meeting has traditionally been a party, with member potluck food and more entertainment than education.  The pandemic changed things for us this year and we could only meet virtually via Zoom.  The meeting consisted of short presentations by our board. At the end of the meeting there was a drawing of gift certificates for those present during the Zoom meeting.

- In our first presentation, APCUG Speakers Bureau presenter Ron Brown discussed many aspects of the online shopping experience, including Costco's daily delivery service with Instacart, shopping apps and payment methods.  He discussed what you should not purchase at Amazon, how to initiate a return and what to do if you have problems.
Our second presentation went under the hood to solve power supply problems.  We talked about troubleshooting strategies, demonstrated a power supply tester and discussed how to change a desktop power supply.

Our first presentation was to help you understand the Amazon Fire TV Stick.  You will learn what a Firestick is, what you can do with it and how you can expand it. Our second presentation, by APCUG Speakers Bureau presenter Judy Taylour, was to help you troubleshoot problems that you encounter with your computer.  This presentation covered problems and solutions that just might help you avoid that $99 tech support call.

- The group watched a video by Leo A. Notenboom of Ask Leo. Leo went through an overview of the user interface and settings of GMail, one of the world's most popular email systems:

Highlights from Previous Meetings

October 6th - Bob G’s latest security presentation, “Is Cyber Security Really Important?”



November 3rd - TBD

The group meets to discuss hardware and software problems, answer questions and attend demonstrations on the first Wednesday of each month in the Wesley Palms Activity Room, 2404 Loring Street, San Diego, from 7:00 until 9:00 p.m.

Meetings are open to the public free of charge. For membership information see the Membership Info listed below or contact the membership chairman at Membership @ uchug.org. Members receive a copy of the group's monthly publication, Drive Light, 30 days prior to it being being posted on the web site, a free uchug.org email address (if requested) and members-only raffle tickets for prizes at the annual Holiday Cheer potluck, auction and raffle.