Until stay at home orders for COVID-19 are lifted upcoming meetings start at 7 PM via Zoom online meetings. UCHUG members please watch your email for meeting invitations and ID numbers. If you are not a member and wish to attend send a request via email to info@uchug.org. Meetings may resume at Wesley Palms after restrictions are lifted.

Directions - Take Interstate 5 to Garnet Avenue and go West.  Go .6 mile and turn right onto Soledad Mountain Road (heading North).  Go .2 mile and turn right on Loring Street to
Wesley Palms, 2404 Loring Street, San Diego.

Enter the main building lobby to the left of center. Stop by the reception desk to sign in and obtain a Guest badge. Then, go down the hall past the reception desk, to the right to the central area and down the left hand hall by the elevators. The Activity Room is on the left side almost to the end of the hall.

Note: Limited parking is available in front of the main building. Additional parking may be found on Loring Street. Carpool to the meeting if possible.
The group meets to discuss hardware and software problems, answer questions and attend demonstrations on the first Wednesday of each month in the Wesley Palms Activity Room, 2404 Loring Street, San Diego, from 7:00 until 9:00 p.m.

Meetings are open to the public free of charge. For membership information see the Membership Info listed below or contact the membership chairman at Membership @ uchug.org. Members receive a copy of the group's monthly publication, Drive Light, 30 days prior to it being being posted on the web site, a free uchug.org email address (if requested) and members-only raffle tickets for prizes at the annual Holiday Cheer potluck, auction and raffle.
Under the Computer Hood Users Group (UCHUG) is a non profit technology and computer group. UCHUG membership consists of first-time tech users through tech consultants. This diverse audience allows users of all experience levels to feel comfortable with exchanging ideas and obtaining help for problem resolution.
Membership Info
You are invited to attend the meetings at no cost.  If you should decide to become a member the dues are $15.00 per year. Membership entitles you access to the monthly newsletter “Drive Light” 30 days prior to it being posted on the web site, a free email address and members-only raffle tickets for prizes at our annual Holiday Cheer potluck, auction and raffle. 

Please make checks payable to UCHUG.  Checks may be brought to the meeting, or mailed to:

UCHUG Treasurer
4027 S. Hempstead Circle
San Diego, CA 92116

If you have questions concerning your membership, renewal date, address info or other questions, please contact the membership board member at the meeting or by email at membership @ uchug.org
Upcoming Meetings
April 1st - Guest Speaker Ron Brown on the 5G Next generation cellular network.

5g will will bring augmented reality, “the internet of things,” andseamless streaming to the mainstream. Most Americans have yet to use a 5G-connected device, but the next- generation cellular network is already generating buzz. Ads and headlines tout a 5G revolution that will change the way people live and work, through unprecedented digital speeds, reduced lag, and better connectivity for a broader range of devices. Some say it’ll spur a fourth industrial revolution.

May 6th - TBD
Highlights from Previous Meetings
3/4/20 - A presentation by enthusiast IT security expert Norbert "Bob" Gostischa discussed how using the right programs and apps (free whenever possible) can help keep you safe and increase privacy, so you can have a secure and enjoyable Internet experience.

- The group had a presentation on the San Diego City Library's Digital Memory Lab.  The Lab is an innovative conversion space to learn how to access, digitize and share videos,audio recordings and slides.  There are eight stations in the downtown library and two in La Jolla that have the capability to digitize video tape, film, audio tapes and records, as well as photos, slides and negatives. It is a great resource. There was also a discussion on best practices of digital hygene to protect your digital information and using Edge on Windows 7.

- The group was given a demo and had a discussion about configuring and using the Thunderbird emil client. After that part 2 of the Digital Resistance series covered how to prioritize your data to help protect what is most important, and the actions you can take.

- UCHUG held their annual Holiday Cheer Pot Luck and Raffle. UCHUG supplied the drinks, paper goods and new raffle items. Members brought their favorite holiday food items and good cheer...along with gently used but working items to donate to the raffle.

- One of the UCHUG members is a volunteer in the IT department at the USS Midway Museum. He gave the group an insider's view of the high tech computer and network installation that keeps this San Diego treasure ticking. This was followed by the first of a series presentations and discussions about  cyber threats like social engineering and what you can do now to protect yourself.

- The group had an hands on demonstration of using free, Open Source, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) as a very capable image and photo editor. GIMP does much of what Photoshop does. Time ran short so the Digital Resilience session was rescheduled for the November meeting.

- The group had a discussion on placing multiple operating systems on a computer with multiple partitions and cleaning up the hard drive to recover space. We also presented some computer repair tips and strategies, and discussed the possibility of hosting a computer repair clinic later in the year.

- The group viewed an APCUG  video presentation by Chris and Jim Guld of Geeks on Tour. The presentation highlighted their seven favorite Google Photos features: Editing, All your photos in one place and searchable from any device, Shared Library – automatically save partner’s photos of you, Shared Albums, Make Movies, Google Lens for reading business cards, and how to Navigate to a Photo’s Location. We also did a rapid-fire technology session. Each of our board members presented a new tech topic or tidbit in only five minutes per segment.

- We watched an APCUG Speakers Bureau video on "Are Your Bits Flipped?" which gave a different perspective on approaches to problem solutions. This was followed with a presentation on "Digital Use in the US Navy" following the updates in the military from analog to digital.

- We held our annual picnic meeting at Crown Point in Mission Bay. The club provided pizza, drinks and paper goods. The members brought other picnic goodies and lively conversation.

- The members watched a APCUG VTC on Cutting the Cord, a video presentation to help understand many of the newest possibilities for TV viewing and what to look for to satisfy you and your family. This was followed by a discussion on processing old hard drives, tape cartridges or USB Flash drives for disposal so your information is not at risk.

- A presentation on what a Mesh WiFi network is and how it can enhance your home WiFi setup was given by the UCHUG President. This was followed by   a visit from David Stonier-Gibson, an officer of the  Melbourne Australia PC User Group. David spoke of his groups makeup and similarity of challenges for the future between our two groups.

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