Beyond Compare - directory and file compare utility
BelArc Advisor - disclose tons of info about your PC's innards
ClipMate - great clipboard extender
eXtreme Power Supply Calculator - calculate overall computer power supply wattage and amperage requirements
FastSone Image Viewer - user-friendly image browser, converter and editor
FastStone Photo Resizer - an image converter, resizer and renaming tool
GOG - great older games reconfigured to operate under new versions of Windows
IrfanView - 32-Bit graphic viewer for Windows
Karen's Power Tools - good set of Windows utilities
NiNite - easily select commonly needed applications and create an installation package to quickly install them
SnagIt - captures images, text, and video from your Windows desktop
USBDeview - lists all USB devices that are currently connected or previously used
WinFix - use the Fix utilities to fix common Windows issues

Windows Backup and Restore Guide - An excellent “how to” guide explaining all about data backup

Beyond Compare [21.3 MB] Win All/OSx/Linux   $30.00

Beyond Compare is both a directory compare utility and a file compare utility wrapped in one.  It was designed for use in managing source code, but it is useful any time you need to compare the contents of directories.

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WinFix [Size Varies] Win 7 - Win 10  Freeware

Easily re-register Windows dll and ocx files to fix 50 of the most common Windows problems.

Win 7-Vista
Win 8
Win 10

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USBDeview [62.7K] Win 2k - Win 7  Freeware

Lists all USB devices that are currently connected or previously used on your PC.  It will also allow you to delete a USB device helping clean up the system or remove a problematic device.

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SnagIt 6.0 [3.8 MB] Win XP - Win 10/Osx   $49.95

SnagIt delivers customized screen captures with the press of a hotkey. SnagIt is the only screen capture software that captures images, text, and video from your Windows desktop. Effortlessly produce perfect graphics and video with this complete capture solution.

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NiNite - Web page for selecting downloads

If you have purchased a new PC or need to install a bunch of applications on an existing PC you know how time consuming it is to go to the various web sites to download what is needed.  And, some sites are notoriously slow.  Take for instance, installing .Net from Microsoft.  During the installation the .Net installer must go to a bunch of various Microsoft servers to get all of its bits and pieces typically taking 15-20 minutes or more to complete.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have one web site to go to to get all of the latest versions of whatever you require in one go?  Now you can.  On the NiNite site you are presented with a list of all of the more popular applications sorted by category.  You check the boxes on the applications you need and click to download the installer.  The installer has the installation files for all of the applications you chose rolled into one executable file.  When run the installer goes to the NiNite site to get the latest versions of the applications from the NiNite servers.  And the installer can be copied onto and run on multiple PC’s without having to create a separate installation setup.  This makes it simple and a great time saver when installing many applications.  It also saves time for single applications.  Their servers installed Microsoft .Net on a PC in a quarter of the time it would take from the Microsoft site.

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Karen's Power Tools Win All Free

Good utilities to ease your Windows tasks.

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GOG - Download games from web site

Remember some of the really fun older games?  We really had fun with 7th Guest, Tomb Raider, Duke Nukem, Myst the Ultima and Zork series to name a few of many.  Some of the games were set up in a DOS environment and will not run very well or in some cases, not at all on current versions of Windows.  Now there is a site that has these games already reconfigured for Windows XP - Windows 7.  They are all DRM (Digital Rights Management) free, contain bonus content and very reasonably priced.  Most are either $5.99 or $9.99.  They also have a number of daily specials for $2.99.

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FastStone Image Viewer [6.6 MB] Win  Freeware

user-friendly image browser, converter and editor

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eXtreme Power Supply Calculator - web page calculator interface

What power supply do I need ? To answer this question we came up with a tool that determines the overall computer power supply wattage as well as amperage required for +12V, +5V and +3.3V rails for your desktop computer, server, or any pc computer system that uses ATX power supply. Calculator contains some usefull options such as CPU overclock, System Type, System Load and more. It contains 900+ CPUs including latest Intel and AMD processors and latest video cards from NVIDIA and ATI.

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ClipMate v7.5 [1.6 MB] Win XP - Win 10   $34.95

The native clipboard in Windows is great for cutting and pasting a single item at a time, but if you want to move a series of items, or save items for later use, then you need ClipMate! Rather than working with one piece of clipboard data at a time, ClipMate enhances the native clipboard functionality by remembering all items (both text and graphic) that are copied to the clipboard and storing them in "collections" for later pasting. With ClipMate as a Windows companion, users will never accidentally lose a piece of clipboard data again.

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FastStone Photo Resizer [1.5 MB] Win  Freeware

an image converter, resizer and renaming tool

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IrfanView [3.4 MB] Win XP - Win 10   Free

IrfanView is a very fast
FREEWARE (for non-commercial use)
graphic viewer for Windows XP - Windows 10 both 32 and 64 bit.

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BelArc Advisor Win All  Free

Good Utility to disclose tons of info about your PC's innards---Belarc Advisor

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