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Comodo Backup [18.4MB] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (12- 10) - easily backup data by disk, partition, directory, file type and more options

Data Crow [43.3MB] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (12- 10)
- the ultimate media cataloger and media organizer

Display Fusion [1.34MB] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (12- 10)
- make your multi-monitor life much easier

Fileseek [680KB] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (12- 10)
- find a file by name or text buried in the file

FreeFileSync [78MB] Win XP – Win 7  Freeware (12- 10)
- folder comparison and synchronization tool

Notepad Replacer [580KB] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (12- 10)
- replace Notepad with whatever you would like to use and easily revert back later

ReactOS [40.1MB] Win XP/2003 clone OS  Freeware (12- 10)
- free modern operating system based on the design of Windows® XP/2003

TrayStatus [580KB] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (12- 10)
- show status of caps lock, num lock and hard drive in the tool tray

Free Video Catcher [4.6M] Win All  Freeware (11- 10)
- capture video from web sites

Norton Removal Tool [903K] Win XP – Win 7  Freeware (11- 10)
- procedure and tool for removing Norton Symantec applications

Acronis Drive Monitor [17.4M] Win XP – Win 7  Freeware (10-10)
- keep track of health of your hard drive

Autoruns for Windows [605k] Win XP – Win 7  Freeware (10-10)
- shows what programs are configured to run during system startup

Image Resizer Powertoy Clone[1.2M] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (10-10)
- image resizing for non XP versions of Windows

Registrar Registry Manager Lite [2.58M] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (10-10)
- better and safer than regedit

Sandboxie [774k] Win All  Freeware (10-10)
- runs your programs and browser sessions in an isolated space

System Nucleus [3.8M] Win XP – Win 7  Freeware (10-10)
- powerful tool for viewing, editing and managing system resources & settings

Tweak Me! [492K] Win XP – Win 7  Freeware (10-10)
- tweak the most used versions of Microsoft Windows using just one application

USB Image Tool [222k] Win All  Freeware (10-10)
- create images of USB flash drives and MP3 players

Freemake Video Downloader [10M] Win XP – Win 7  Freeware (09-10)
- Download videos from YouTube, Google, Facebook, Dailymotion, other sites

Returnil [33.4M] Win XP – Win 7  Free for home use (09-10)
- uses a combination of antivirus and virtualization technologies to protect your system

TSR Watermark Image [444K] Win XP – Win 7  Free home use (09-10)
- $29.00 commercial use - add digital watermarks to all your images, photos and pictures

ViGlance [259K] Win XP-Vista  Freeware (09-10)
- add a Windows 7 style taskbar to XP or Vista

ViOrb [101K] Win XP  Freeware (09-10)
- change XP start button to the Vista and Windows 7 Start Orb

ViSplore [334K] Win XP  Freeware (09-10)
- change XP file explorer to file explorer in Vista and Windows 7

ViStart [473K] Win XP  Freeware (09-10)
- change XP start menu to Vista/Win 7 start menu

VistaSwitcher [358K] Win XP (09-10) - Win 7  Freeware
- more elegant way to switch between running tasks than that of the old Alt-Tab dialog

VueScan [5.9M] Win NT – Win 7  Free to try then $39.95 (09-10)
- a scanning program that works with most high-quality flatbed and film scanners

FantaMorph Pro [6M] Win 98 – Win 7  Free 30 day trial then $49.95 (8-10)
- powerful and easy-to-use morphing software

Media Espresso 6 [123.1M] Win XP – Win 7  Free 30 day trial then $39.95 (8-10)
- converts any video, photo and music files to use on a broad range of devices

NovaPDF Lite [4.7M] Win 2k – Win 7  Free trial, then $19.95 (8-10)
- create PDF files from any printable document

Partition Find and Mount [1.7M] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (8-10)
- implements a new concept of deleted or lost partition recovery

PECompact [1M] Win All  Free personal use, see price for shareware/commercial (8-10)
- processed applications occupy less disk space

Process Lasso [1.5M] Win 2k – Win 7  Free trial then $18.95 (8-10)
- will improve your PC's responsiveness and stability during high CPU load

Wireshark [17.9M] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (8-10)
- the world's foremost network protocol analyzer

Zip Repair [6.9M] Win 2k – Win 7 Free trial then $25.95 (8-10)
- repair corrupt Zip files quickly and easily:
Repair for Excel, Word and others also available on this site

AceMoney Lite [3.21M] Win All  $30.00 (7-10)
- organize and manage your personal finances quickly and easily

CopyTrans  [1.1M] Win XP – Win 7  Shareware $19.99 (7-10)
- backup iPod to PC and iPhone to iTunes the correct way!

Crystal Disk Info [1.3M] Win XP – Win 7  Freeware (7-10)
- monitor the health and temperature of your hard drive

Driver Magician Lite [1.6M] Win All  Free trial then $29.95 (7-10)
- locates and backs up your systems drivers

DVDFab Passkey [3.3M] Win XP - Win 7  Freeware (7-10)
- Win-based driver that works on-the-fly to unprotect encrypted movie DVDs and Blu-ray discs

Lunascape [33.9M] Win XP – Win 7  Freeware (7-10)
- excellent web browser compatible with Firefox and IE add-ons

Scotts Gmail Alert [1.1M] Win XP - Win 7  Freeware (7-10)
- notification program for Gmail, Google Apps, Google Calendar, and RSS feeds

FastStone Image Viewer [4.5M] Win  Freeware (06-10)
- user-friendly image browser, converter and editor

FastStone Photo Resizer [1.4M] Win  Freeware (06-10)
- an image converter, resizer and renaming tool

Polyglot 3000 [2.3M] Win All  Freeware (06-10)
- automatic language identifier

Squeezebox Server [50M] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (06-10)
- wirelessly stream your mp3 files to a Squeezebox

Wubi [1.4M] Win 98-Win 7  Freeware (06-10)
- install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other Windows application

Calibre [28.1M] Win XP-Win 7/Linux/Mac OSx  Freeware (05-10)
- one stop solution to all your e-book needs

CDBurnerXP [6.3M] Win 2k-Win 7  Freeware (05-10)
- burn CDs and DVDs, including Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs

EssentialPIM [4.92M] Win XP-Win 7  Freeware (05-10)
- Personal Information Manager

JAlbum [13.7M] Win All/OS2/Linux/Mac OSx/Solaris/HP-UX/AIX  Freeware (05-10)
- makes web albums of your digital images;jsessionid=vfqi9scf3pav

PureSync [6.5M] Win All  Freeware (05-10)
- superior sync and backup took

TestDisk [1.5M] DOS/Win All/Linux/Unix/Mac OSx  Freeware (05-10)
- powerful free data recovery software

Collector [29.3M] Win XP-Win 7  Freeware (04-10)
- manage your video collection

Driver Sweeper [5M] Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware (04-10)
- remove driver leftovers from your system

HDClone [10M] Win XP–Win 7 Free (04-10)
- creates physical or logical copies (clones) and file images of hard disks

IE7Pro [2.7M] Win 2k-Win 7  Freeware (04-10)
- features and tweaks to make IE friendlier

Miro [276K] Win/Mac OS X/Linux  Freeware (04-10)
- the only internet TV you'll need

muvee Reveal [86.8M] Win XP-Win 7  Free 15 day demo then $79.95 (04-10)
- create and share personalized, professional looking home movies

Partition Wizard Home Edition [5.7M] Win XP-Win 7  Free (04-10)
- free partition manager software

Angry IP Scanner (900K) Win 98- Vista/Linux/Mac  Freeware
(03-10) - a very fast IP address and port scanner

iCarbon (1.5M) Win 98-XP  Freeware
(03-10) - combine your printer and scanner into a photo copier

Malwarebytes (5M) Win 2k – Win 7  Freeware
(03-10) - a surprisingly effective freeware antimalware tool

Spybot (16M) Win 95 – Win 7/Windows Mobile/Symbian  Freeware
(03-10) - excellent spyware removal tool

UltraDefrag (284K) Win NT – Win 7  Freeware (GNU)
(03-10) - a powerful disk de fragmentation tool for Windows

XnView (14.8M) Win/Linux/Mac OS X/Solaris/BSD/HP-UX/AIX  Freeware
(03-10) - graphics viewer that supports more than 400 graphics formats

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