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Just a few of the new May library files - the Open Source Audicious audio player has many excellent features - mrViewer is an Open Source professional grade video player and image viewer - use the Open Source SmartDeblur application to remove blurs from motion and focus defects from your photos.
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We are starting to gather info and tips/tricks on the Windows OS and applications plus other how to fix articles.  To check out the info go to the Sites & Guides page and click on the Tips & Tricks or How To Fix buttons. The latest additions are:

  How to Fix: Right Click Desktop Not Working (Spinning Circle)

•  How to Fix: Open Shell Search Not Working (Classic Shell)


Link to March presentation by Bob Gostischa on "Online World" safety and security on line at https://youtu.be/iP_XWi1-GO4 and February presentation Digital Memory Lab posted in Group Activities and log into Meeting Presentations.

Until stay at home orders for COVID-19 are lifted upcoming meetings start at 7 PM via Zoom online meetings. UCHUG members please watch your email for meeting invitations and ID numbers. If you are not a member and wish to attend send a request via email to info@uchug.org. Meetings may resume at Wesley Palms after restrictions are lifted.

May 6th - TeamViewer: a Remote Control, Desktop Sharing and File transfer Between Computers App
Using Windows 10 Quick Assist to Remotely Troubleshoot PC Problems

APCUG Speakers Bureau presenter John Kennedy will show us why TeamViewer is a great tool for providing tech support.  Do you get called upon to help others with their computer problems?  This can be difficult now with social distancing, but TeamViewer can help by allowing the person helping to see and remotely access the computer of the person having the problem.  It works across all platforms and is free for non-commercial use.

Windows 10 Quick Assist is a built-in application that makes it easy to help friends, family members and club members with PC problems. In this APCUG Speakers Bureau presentation, Bill James will show how it can allow someone you trust to access your computer and help solve your problem remotely.  You will learn the steps used to connect and disconnect to and from a Windows 10 PC.

June 3rd - TBD