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Under the Computer Hood Users Group (UCHUG)

Under the Computer Hood Users Group (UCHUG) is a non profit Users Group.  UCHUG membership consists of first time computer users through Computer Consultants.  This diverse audience allows users of all experience levels to feel comfortable with exchanging ideas and obtaining help for problem resolution.

Upcoming Meetings

December 6th - Annual Holiday Cheer raffle and pot luck.  The club provides hardware items and gift cards for drawings as well as drinks and paper goods.  Members are encouraged to donate gently used hardware and software items to raffle as well as provide their favorite holiday food items for the pot luck.  This year the meetings location has been moved to the Wesley Palms Activities Room vice the Executive Conference Room.

January 3rd - TBD

THIS MONTH on the UCHUG web pages

Just a few of the new December library files - use Bulk Crap Uninstaller to uninstall more than one application at a time - Monkey’s Audio will produce loss less compressed audio files - Virtoo will allow you to access your smartphone functions from your PC.

 The presentation at the November 2017 meeting, LastPass 2 Part Authentication  - Password Security.pdf, is posted on the Group Activities\Meeting Presentations page.

On the Sites and Guides page under the category Emergency Preparedness and Government there are new links to CDC handy reference guides on preparing for and  facing natural disasters.

We are starting to gather info and tips/tricks on Windows 10 plus other how to fix articles.  To check out the info go to the Sites & Guides page and click on the Windows 10 button. The latest additions to are:

Updated 02 December 2017