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Under the Computer Hood Users Group (UCHUG)

Under the Computer Hood Users Group (UCHUG) is a non profit Users Group.  UCHUG membership consists of first time computer users through Computer Consultants.  This diverse audience allows users of all experience levels to feel comfortable with exchanging ideas and obtaining help for problem resolution.

Upcoming Meetings

October 7th - Election of the 2016 Board of UCHUG Officers - Are We Under Cyber Attack? And intro to Chromebooks - October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Join us for the recorded webinar "Are We Under Cyber Attack?", which was presented by Ira Wilsker (Columnist, Assistant Professor, Law Enforcement Officer specializing in cyber crimes) at the APCUG Spring Virtual Technical Conference. Also, What is a Chromebook, and what can it do for you?  We will provide the answers and demonstrate one of these low-cost computing devices.

November 4th - Webinar for Windows 10 - Tech and History Presentation

December 2nd  - Christmas party and Raffle

THIS MONTH on the UCHUG web pages

September 2015 Drive Light in Acrobat PDF format is now available to the public on the Newsletters page.

Just a few of the new October library files - Capture .Net is an all-in-one utility that features screen capture, image editor, color capture, post-it notes, calendar, reminders and more - backup all your Gmail email and attachments with Free Gmail Backup - use Radio Ripper to listen and record music from a large number of free international Internet radio stations.

UCHUG is now a National Cyber Security Awareness Champion. Click on the “Champion” icon below to find out more about the program and check out their Resources for tips and information on safe practices out on the Internet.

We are starting to gather info and tips/tricks on Windows 10.  To check out the info go to the Sites & Guides page and click on the Windows 10 button..

Photos from the 2015 annual picnic meeting and the 2015 South West Computer Conference are now posted on the Group Activities page.

Updated 04 October 2015